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so there I was happily upgrading my Speakers... doing a bit of Dynamiting etc.


All going very well until I was putting the door card back in, I hadn't realised that the fixing point for the bottom main bolt behind the handle, inside the door was only held in place with Sikaflex and Duct tape.


Given the car is few years old, the inevitable happened and the anchoring point came loose and has now fallen inside the door moulding.


So my question is, is it possible to get into the door mould to get the Anchoring point back out, and put back into place?


Or do I need to practice my gynaecology skills?







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:realmad:  :wallbash:


Reminder to self, when doing something in the half light and while tired, aways check that you haven't got the window wound down and that isn't what is blocking your access to inside of the door...


Does this site do a Donut of the year award? If so I'd like to nominate myself...



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