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brake pedal adjustment

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does anyone know if it is possible to adjust the height of the brake pedal on a s3 elise


the dead travel is a bit of a joke on such a car and find heel and toe near impossible in this car due to the pedal heights being so far apart.


is it possible to reuse the dead travel of the pedal and/or raise the pedal a bit?



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Usually the Elise pedals on the '05 and earlier with aluminum pedals, the brake pedal would sink too low and you couldn't heel&toe on the throttle pedal with the side of the foo, because the throttle pedal was too high.   The fix was to adjust/extend the throttle pedal up stop and shorten the down stop, to move the pedal downward, and then make sure you still had 0-100% throttle travel.


On the '06 and newer Elise and Exige with the steel pedals, the problem was the opposite, where the throttle pedal was too low.  So some people bolted aftermarket pedals on top of the throttle pedal.


Which problem are you having?  Sounds like your brake pedal is too soft, and is sinking below the throttle pedal.  In that case, you should try bleeding your brakes and clutch to get any air out of the brake lines to make the brake pedal firmer.


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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it feels like the brake pedal is too low. if it didn't have the amount of dead travel it has it would be ok but by the time I'm braking heavy the pedal is too low


would this be a warranty job/ the car has done 2500 miles but I've never liked the brake pedal since day 1 of owning the car

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