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Restrictor, Pulsation Dampening?

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Hi everyone


I've been playing with my esprit with vacuum pump in hand (ooooh missus) getting rid of any air leaks from vacuum pipes to intake manifold to get a smoother idle. I will probably be getting my injectors cleaned as the car was stored for several years and the injectors are probably gummy and varnished which doesn't help!


Anyway, while looking at the parts diagram for vacuum hoses on the esprit delco injection system I see a part called "Restrictor, pulsation dampening" between the green pcv valve/oil separator and T piece connector for inlet manifold/fuel regulator (fits just after the non return valve in the vac line).


It is part 43 on page 43:03D of the parts manual. So does this part make a difference? It was not on my car, presumably vac lines have been changed before on mine.


Spoke to SJ's and they said that if you want to put one in you can use an idle jet from a carb as it just restricts the hole diameter which I can see makes sense but does the car need this part? Has anyone looked into this. Do people block this vac line off and just use the other pipe from PCV to vent via a filter to atmosphere?

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It is just a little brass bead, stuck in the middle of the hose.


Not sure if it makes a difference, but I did have a bad non-return valve there (a brand new one) and the noise was super loud.  it was allowing the intake noise to reverberate and trumpet back out the  crank case breather through the air filter box, and you could hear it from 30ft away!


So if you don't have it, and don't notice any weird noises...  Then it's probably not that necessary.

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