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eddie lotus nj

Wanted Turbo Rear Louver/bonnet/tailgate section.

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here is a louver if link work



poke around there for link dont work right, u can find under autoparts



Edit: Dead Links removed. - Buddsy

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I think that "supplier" does not have a great reputation. Here is a thread about them - clicky The thread starts well, then goes downhill pretty quickly.


I could be wrong as their website states:



Please Note: This website / address is under new ownership. the domain name was purchased in Feb of 2015. This dot com has nothing to do what so ever with the last owner of this dot com address


and the location is stated as New Jersey, although the Whois entry still has (amongst other information):


Registrant Name: Mike Wagner
Registrant Organization: Custom Fabrication Enterprizes
Registrant Street: S. Mary Ave
Registrant City: Sunnyvale
Registrant State/Province: California
Registrant Postal Code: 94086
Registrant Country: United States


Checking the wayback machine, the previous incarnations are not visible as it is flash, but it's using the same host and the same source is behind the flash.


I personally would avoid this.


Caveat emptor.


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As above there was some dodgy company doing some new parts.


Best to buy second hand from Ebay if you can.



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AH Crap, im not one for any self promotion in any way, also not very good at typing threads here like people do . im not a super plugged in person at all.

but ill do this once and maybe you can either pass on or tell me to piss off

Web address:  lotus Esprit Pats . com

I purchased (lotus esprit in or around FEB


the who owns this website:look up maybe wasn't updated by go daddy - I have no clue

and is it a "do it your self site" damn straight, was the only thing I could afford at the time and was abandoned and hooked with go daddy. I also was able to get any lotus esprit parts emails that were available or went dead, not many

I did get creative with making a few up.


about the  "do it your self sight" its like this

"you don't have to get it right ,, just get it going"

so that was the quickest opportunity

Draw Backs: the provider "wix"  does not support FedEd or UPS, only the US Mail. they don't tell you this till you try to hook up the shopping cart. so now im in a dilemma

Future of Website: When I can afford a new one I will have it built -currently not in the budget

The Business: started by default. I was trading parts for years with friends. I and also friends ended up traveling to meet each other. I kicked around starting this last year and spoke to my friend Lou about it whos also a member her. We both decided no.

there was just to much done by past guys. (we all know the names) so I passed. I had a bid on lotus esprit parts .com a year agao, and I forgot all about it till I was emailed by godaddy.  after the 3rd email the price came down and I purchased it.

Me: Im in NJ and happy to meet with anybody, ok,, limit that. some one was just killed over selling a car on Craig's list:

look up: Craigslist killing Illinois University student.

I work alone so im a little careful. As for fiberglass work/ cars: been doing it all my life. when I was a kid my step dad owned palm beach pools where we made tubs, Jacuzzis, pools , showers, u name it. later I build boats /yachts even a few planes. cars were a given. I always did my work commercially and never a one to one like im trying now.


I ran out of words, not sure what else to say

so its a hello and this is who I am, and as I said you also can tell me to piss off


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So you're not the guy who ran this business before? He had a bad reputation for taking money and not supplying parts iirc...

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There is a small operation in California called Lotus Performed by Claudius. He has lots of hard to find parts, re makes and does custom work as well. I got an ABS plastic remake of rear window louvers just last week for my S2. Try looking him up

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