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Additional Camber on the Exige V6

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Saturday I had a closer look at it and decided to get a 0.5 mm shim before having a go at it. On the left side there is the abs bracket and a 1.5 mm shim, so if I exchange the latter for a 0.5 mm shim I can retain the abs bracket on the left side. On the right side there is only the (1.0 mm) abs bracket which I will remove then.

So thanks a lot for all information which encourage me to go for it!

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I know this is quite old topic, but still... I need your help 🙂

Want to get more camber on the Exige from the day one I got it. Notice that the front is not such a problem, but bought zero bum steer kit anyway (increases camber as well). Can't do much on a rear. Moved eccentric bolt as far as possible. So we should get 2.5-2.6°, but we only get 1.7°. Took a picture of the eccentric bolt. Can anyone tell me if this is the max setting?


My alignment shop said it's maxed. I would also say that it's maxed. Is there any other trick to increase it, without relocating the guide plate and without buying the adjustable upper arms?

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