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Additional Camber on the Exige V6

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Finally had a bit of time to look at this, I ordered a bolt, camber washer and the plate to have a look at what can be done...

I'm flying a little blind as I do not know how much an extra mm affects the camber in degrees. Looking at the OE part the bolt can move a total of 11mm. With that little bit of info I decided on making a plate with +5 and +7.5mm, so that there is overlap from a maxed out standard plate.
To keep costs down as low as possible it is made from two laser cut plates that are stacked to make the final part. This also enables the same two plates to be used in all four positions on the car. The lower plate is the same thickness as the standard part (1.5mm) and the upper plate is 3mm to match the raised/punched parts.



The only other thing I am unsure about is the metal which is used. it looks like its zinc plated steel, its magnetic. and looking at the ones installed on my car they are starting to rust. And I guess zinc coated would make sense on the galvanic corrosion front. anyone any other thoughts? Probably the best thing to do would be to get them powder coated or simply spray paint them.


I'm going to order some next week and combine them with the Spitfire steering arms to get more camber. The spitfire arms have a 4mm camber difference over stock so I'm hoping the ability to go to 7.5mm on the rear should more than cover it.
I've got to order 3 sets minimum so if anyone wants a set let me know, works out at £37 for the laser cutting per set.





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