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exhaust system s2.2

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Recently I changed my original exhaust cast iron exhaustcollector to a 4 in 1 stainless steel collector by SJ sportscars.


The resonator had to go and in itsplace I welded a stainless steel flexible part that allows movement when the systems get hot or cools down.


The muffler stayed the same. I do not know if this muffler is an original piece or not.

This was the old system:




This is the new 4 in 1




This is the inbetween tube with the welded in flexible:




And here is the complete system in the car




So after driving around for a while, I found that the system was very sporty , but just a bit to much (loud.)

and on top of that, there was a rattle in the muffler, so I decided to open up the muffler to have a look.

Inside I could see that the muffler is a 3 chamber piece.

I am happy to notice that it has a very decent flow through, with the two perforated pipes inside ,each diameter of about 54mm. I think this system has very little backpressure and is very free breathing;

I think its a "double S" muffler, but I dont know if it was originally installed on my Espritmuffler%20esprit_zps92japzud.jpg


Now I could see that the first plate, was broken in two and one half was just completely loose and rattling inside the muffler. Almost all the ceramic wool was blown out, so no wonder the exhaust was loud.


I decided to repair it. So after cleaning up the parts inside (stainless steel) with pickle.I filled up the middle chamber with rockwool and welded back the plate. Instead of two tackwelds , I decided to weld around the perimeter and also to weld the tubes to the plate.






After that I had to close the muffler and I decided to make an inner ring in stainless steel, so it would be easier to weld around the 1.5mm thick tube without blowing holes (I weld with electrodes, not with a tig welder, so 1.5mm is not easy).




After that I could close up and weld around and I finished by cleaning up the complete stainless steel housing of the muffler.





I took the car for a spin, and The sound became a bit quieter and muted, although still rough and sporty.

I did not go in high revs because the streets were wet , and I do not want to trash the esprit.




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