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Neal H

removed Hard top fitted Soft top

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I got around to removing the hard top on my Roadster today and fitted the soft top for the first time.


It took about half an hour to do as this was the first time I've done it, so I was following the instructions very carefully! It was actually quite straight forward, and a fairly easy one man job. It says in the hand book that you should have two people, but it was easy enough by myself. The panel is quite light and lifts easily away, but having long arms helps!


It took a bit of fiddling to get the soft top to fit properly - it is brand new and not been fitted before so was all a bit tight. I took it for a run to check on wind noise which was considerably greater than with the hard top, mostly from the top of the front pillars so I think it will need some adjusting.


Does anyone know if wind noise is greater with the soft top fitted compared to the hard top? It got a lot worse from about 80 mph (on my private road of course). Below that it was tolerable but still much worse than with the hard top on.



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Hardtop is far more aerodynamic and therefore inherently less wind noise generated. That said, the hardtop will also make the cabin worse on the acoustics so you'll get more drone from the engine and exhaust. 


Atleast, that's what i've found previously.

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