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That damned A-pillar trim again...

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The coward in me refuses to wedge a socket wrench between the A-pillar trim and and GRP body to get at the upper bolt of my very droopy driver's side door. All the clips are loose (courtesy of a long screwdriver), but the pillar seems to be stuck regardless. This leads me to believe it is glued in place due to a windshield replacement at some point in the car's life.


So, plan b - would it be possible to cut the trim loose by wedging a thin blade (box cutter blade) between the windshield and the trim? I'm concerned that by doing this I will cut past the leather and through the sealant ending up with water leaking into the car when it rains (and possible not realizing it until its too late). I've never seen the windshield off so don't really know whether this is a risk or not. 


Is there, at this point, a less than barbaric way of getting the damned thing off? I really want to realign my door.


Cheers in advance.


Edit: huge amounts of tugging and pulling did nothing to budge the trim.

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