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Don't do that - cost a bloody fortune - do not buy work unless it's cost effective!!!

Bide your time - the right car will find its way you you.

There's some engineering firms that specialise in lotus - can't remember the one but ring round - he got back to me offering me a car they had owned for 10years that they weren't advertising for sale. Only trouble - I'd bought one.....

Get on the phone and ring round - be patient .....

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Only here once

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I did about 40 calls - in the end one came to me and was offered a few......

They just need hunting down a bit.......keep that budget in a good place for you. Lots of folks said I was mad - should spend more - but it's about balance - they will all need and you will want to spend on them.

You can always tell an honest what it is car.... If something feels wrong - run as it'll cost

Only here once

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Agree I got my car very cheaply but with all the comments about 'had my car for years and nothing  ever needed doing' I though it best to put forward a different perspective. A lot is down to luck but buying through an enthusiast or Lotus expert should take out some of the guesswork. These were/are supercars and will sooner or later require significant expenditure either through repairs or diligent maintenance and buyers should be aware of this. 

As a guide I would say a minimum of £10k for purchase with £2-3k in your back pocket for  work in first year.

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