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...and likely to remain that way, I think. 


It has been a blast, but I've finally realised that I am not the snake hipped thirty-something I once was. Time, then, to stop putting a strain on the suspension, and to call time on my lotus ownership of twenty years. Started with a sublime Excel SE, two Esprit S3's and an S1 Elise.  


I watched my S3 get loaded onto a trailer this morning, and disappear around the bend. The strangest feeling, realising that I spent the first 30 years of my life working to get one, the next twenty maintaining and looking after it, and now to see all that work and ambition disappear. Empty nest syndrome?  


Without being all pathetic, it occurs to me that, like children, we are only custodians these cars, not owners.  I like to think that in 18 years of owning my S3, I've kept it roadworthy, and it acquitted itself quite well by not throwing a hissy fit getting on the trailer.  


Time for the new owner to take it to a level I don't have the time to do....however, this isn't an end to my petrolhead tendency,  my Saab is now headed for 300+ horses as a result of the sale :) 


Who knows, a cheeky M100 might end up in my  life before long....







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Good on you for looking after the car for all those years.Great car the s3 as you already know....Mike

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