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Bad noise from differential

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Today I noticed a loud creaking sound while moving, both under power and coasting. It kind of sounded like the wheels working against loose lug nuts, but they were all tight.

When I got home I jacked up the rear and spun the wheels. The noise occurred in the left rear, but I couldn't be certain if it was from the hub or the differential. Off with the half-shaft and brake drum, and it's clearly coming from the diff. A creaking sound, with the occasional squeak. Also some binding when I turn the stub. None of this happens when I turn the right rear wheel. I am hoping some of you can identify the symptoms and give me a clue on how to fix this problem.

My Elite 502 shows 68K miles, but given the whine from the gearbox, the total lack of synchros in 1st and 3rd gear, and the fact that the engine was replaced before I got it, I suppose it's possible it could have turned over. I have no history on the car.

I shudder to think I need to rebuild the differential; I've heard they are very robust. I dropped it during the restoration to replace the outer seals, and remember that was a real job. I'm hoping the collective wisdom at this site will give me guidance on how to proceed. I'm in the US, so shipping 100+ lbs of steel to the UK for a rebuild is not an attractive option.

Thank you,


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You should not need to ship it to the UK for a rebuild, from memory the workshop manual has a good write up on it, i would think that there would be someone local that could refurbish it for you, the bigger issue could be obtaining the spares for it. Have you checked that the creaking is not coming from the cradle or mounting stud? The 7ha diff was also used in some 4 cylinder early Morgans although not with the cut down tubes and inboard brakes.

Hope this is of some help

Regards Dan

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