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As per title, I need to fit an immobiliser bypass to my rover elise ecu. Trouble is the diagram issued with the bypass is literally a picture. To make things worse there is a mess of wires all around the ecu and two potential immobiliser components. The ecu isn't even mounted in the Same way as in the image. It's still at the rear of the engine on the nearside but it's mounted on the bulkhead behind the engine with another component mounted on the adjacent bulkhead to the left of the engine. And the second potential immobiliser unit is fitted directly below the ecu.

I dot usually like to get involved with electronics and alarms and such but in this case I have to. I can't see very much passed the wire looms and its all in a tangle. Can anyone help me with what I'm looking at?

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I have exactly the same problem. I bought an immobiliser bypass unit from Elise Parts, but can not locate the Cobra immobiliser in my Elise 1999. Just as in your car the ECU is located in the engine compartment and not in the trunk as described on every image I have found.
I cant find anything that looks like the Cobra unit.

Did you find where to connect the immobiliser bypass unit?

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