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erm....rather odd question I guess......

who has fitted the headlight benders for driving in France?


just after a bit of guidance really......


Ive never bothered fitting them to any of my other lotus when on the continent as I always leave the headlights down (theyre all pop ups)


the other cars I have have a more vertical lense and have markings to help/guide blanking bits of the lense......


what do people do with the Evora.......its a very flat lense


just thought Id ask...




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I don't fit them. I worry about the adhesive causing the headlamp coating to peel.

Last year in France no one seemed to bother about the incorrect beam pattern of my lights. But my driving in the dark was done in a rural area except for the midnight visit to Arnage corner at Le Mans

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I used these last year. Bit of judgement required while fitting but they do list the Evora and provide a guide. No issues while driving at night and not issues upon removal.

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