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my day in pictures

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The sun was shining so sacked off work and decided to transfer the shiny stuff taunting me in the living room onto the car..

So tasks for today were:
Find a way of removing the seized bolt in the front engine mount so I can fit the stiffer gearbox mounts.
New oil and filter
New air filter
New discs and pads all round (AP 304's and EP ali belled rears with Pagid RS42's)
Change brake fluid
I'm not ashamed to admit it took me 6 hours today and I ran out of light to do the fluid. Everything was seized, disc bolts, rear diffuser bolts etc etc.. But I took my time and very happy with the results.. Just need to bleed the brakes / clutch tomorrow and bed in the discs/pads. The rear engine mount bolt was proper seized.. ended up using an air chisel to get the bastard out in the end. Got very bored of drilling out bolts and tapping threads but very satisfying outcome.. 
thought i'd share anyway.. 





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Nicely done! DId my pads last weekend and changed to Mintex 1144 which I'll review shortly once I've had a chance to change the fluid and test them properly. Was very pleased how easy the fronts were to change, didn't really even need tools other than getting the wheels off, but the backs were a little harder work as the pins were seized pretty hard.

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I had the mintex previously.. were a very good pad but i ended up cooking them on track but even so they did very well!

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