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Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Popping Out

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I've been having an occasional knock in the front end going over bumps and sometimes just turning or sometimes when the weight shifts in the car.  Looked under there and noticed that it looks like the bushing has crept/popped out of the lower control arm -- is this something that can be pushed back in with some silicone lube and persistence?


Am I going to have to compress the spring prior to undoing that bolt if I have to?


Any advice is much appreciated!



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Looking at the cracks I that bush, I'd be thinking about replacement...

I certainly had to unload the arm before removing that bolt (s3, but similar I think), although that wasn't a prob for me as it was all coming off anyway.

Having said that, are you sure it's popped out? Can you see any material on the inside of the arm? Is the other side the same?

Good luck


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Replacement certainly sounds like a good idea.


I thought these bushings were supposed to go all the way through the control arm, so I'm a bit unsure about what's going on here. 


The other side looks like this, and is much tidier. Also, the other side doesn't seem to make any noise.


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Pic of mine( right hand side)...looks like we're in a similar boat re cracks...


Bush does indeed seem to be 1 piece, in this pic inserted from the RHS. Hope this helps.

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They're not recommended and should have been modified with a welded tube.

I had one on my car which I have changed (yes,,,just one side!). Much more robust.

'A pound of rubber is worth a Ton of engineering.'- Jim Endruweit quoting Colin Chapman.

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