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Elise 111r & SC Question


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Been looking through the PH classifieds as I seem to spend too much time doing these days and noticed a 111r that's been supercharged to 220bhp:


Excuse my lack of knowledge, what would be the difference (other than provenance) if you bought a 111r and put the Lotus SC on it (as done here) to that and an actual Elise SC?

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If it were a later car none..

However since this is a 2004 car then I think it will be a manual throttle car (all factory SC Elise's are dbw)

My 05 plate car has the factory manual throttle upgrade though & seems to go ok!


Also in the add it mentions the ecu has had a re-flash to alter the cam change point & in my experience the factory SC upgrade comes with it's own re-flash/ecu...........

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Thanks Rich, I have a mate that really wants an S2 SC, more for the power than anything else, or go for an S1 and do the full on honda conversion over a year or so (will cost about the same as an S2 SC in the end), I suggested maybe the 111r, then adding an SC down the line and probably saving a fair whack... did not want to be giving away crap advice though.

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