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S4s for sale

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At first I thought it was yours ?

They're hard to value but I wouldn't say its far off what I would expect it to go for given the condition & mileage. Like everything else though It'll sell for what someone's willing to pay for it. Better to price it a bit higher & come down if required, you can't haggle the price up as easily.

Personally I prefer the original S4s wheels.

There's another at a dealers with S300 wheels that looks very nice & that's priced at £ 29995.00.

I've been keeping an eye on V8's as I was contemplating selling my S4s if the right one came along but the prices of these seem to have gone up, they were £ 16 - £ 20k 4 years ago when I bought my S4s but they all seem to be North of £ 25k now for a decent one. 

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