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bent tensioner! salvageable?

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Hello all,


Well its that time again (being an ex S3 Esprit owner and now an S2 Esprit owner) for usual serious problems.


In changing the timing belt, we discovered that the tensioner was affixed with only one of the shims. This has now bent the tensioner as it sat generally at an angle. Over time it seems it has gone over and I am either in need of a new one (any ideas where to source one?) or risk trying to bend it back... and the belt slipping off.


God knows how its stayed on over the last few drives before we realised! 

Whilst im at it, the water pump is seized on and we may have to cut the whole bloody thing off! Either that or take the engine out to drill out the stuck bolts..... 


not the best of days but any advice/parts/suppliers knowledge welcome!





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I assume this is the automatic tensioner LotusBits sells them reconditioned.

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Bad news. SJ has the tensioner and bits. The water pump is such a pain to access that if you do need to drill the bolts then yes, it's an engine out job, sorry. Still, on the bright side it's a good opportunity the check everything else over while it's out and replace things like the clutch if it been on there for a while. I've just done mine with the engine in situ and that was not a very pleasant experience!



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I've just replaced the water pump on my S1 and it wasn't as bad as I expected. I didn't have the carbs fitted and I removed the alternator and crank pulley. The water pump came out quite easily horizontally but I wish I'd put helicoils in the fixings because one of the bolts just kept turning when I did it up. My solution was to put a longer bolt in it for now but if I ever take the engine out in the future I will helicoil them all.

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