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Receiver drier for S4s

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Hmm, you know I never thought to look at SJ's website, which was a bit silly of me, but having just paid £57.30 for one from Alpinair that doesn't fit (and I'm still waiting for them to collect the thing), their price of £58.80 seems reasonable to me.

Margate Exotics.

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An update:

Having measured the threads on Sparky's GT3 receiver/drier, it is exactly the same Sanden as the one I have on the S4s.


The pipework union nut AF sizes turned out to be a red herring, clearly just an anomoly, and so Chris was absolutely correct - the Four Seasons 33403 is the right one, and the threads are confirmed as 9/16" UNF. From my research, that is not a common size.

This is odd though, because the Lotus receiver/drier spares are listed as 1989-1996, and V8 only. My car is 1995, Sparky's is 1998, yet they have the same one!

Margate Exotics.

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Just a heads up for GT3 owners or anyone else that may use this drier, they are currently quite cheap at £17on Ebay UK .

I was going to order from Rock auto or one of the big US suppliers but nearer £30 and then international snail mail.

Fingers crossed when it's the right one and fits! I'll report back if any problems.

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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A further update: I've just received a Four Seasons 33403 for my 1997 GT3, and as expected it fits perfectly.

I bought mine from Topspeed Automotive ( who from what I can gather are a U.S. based parts distributor with a UK outlet.

Unfortunately inflation and a weak Pound means that the price delivered to UK is now £36.95.

The part is here if anyone needs it:

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