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Daily drive (with pics)

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Barry I have to agree.

Only picked it up on Saturday from Dundee, averaged 60mpg on the way back over a mixed run of 350 miles.

Was a dealer demo when new with top spec, including top spec stereo, panoramic room and full leather.

Surprisingly roomy for a small car with some nice design bits.

Although I am not sure the removal bonnet is one of them, a bit of a faff to remove and refit without chipping the front wing paint.





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Sit in the back - it's amazing how much space there is - you really can seat 4 fully grown adults in complete comfort

I had a mate buy one new - they wouldn't show him how to open the bonnet until he had done the deal!!!

Only here once

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I work from home too, but if I have to pop into the office I take one of these:


My useful vehicle. And it's British :-p




...I've got a Range Rover V8 in the garage waiting to go into it this winter. Side pipes, Kent Hi-Torque cam, LPG conversion etc.


My Beast




My Little Red Rocket




The non-human love of my life, one month older than me, bought it when I was 18



I tempted my Esprit V8 IS in bits...(sob)

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My daily drive is a bicycle. Other than that, these are the ones:





Which Corrado is that Jacques? My son's got a VR6 and spend all of his time and money tinkering with it, good lad. I think he's just bought a supercharger for it...

I tempted my Esprit V8 IS in bits...(sob)

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Hi Alan,

That is my late type 1991 G60 Corrado, which have a more powerfull engine than the normal from 1988 onwards.

In 1990 vw participated in some german hill climbing, and vw Motorsport (now superseeded by vw racing, which is much more boring, and don't make any interesting development, racers etc) were given the task to further develop the G-lader (3 types in total), and make more Nm and Hp from the cylinderhead and inlet- and outlet manifold.

So, enlarged valves, wider porting and bigger manifolds plus the later c-type charger (g-lader) on this model, all factory standard - 192 Hp, which happens to be the same as a European 2,9 Liter VR6 Corrado. Mine just Weighs 990 kilo and is not nose-heavy as the vr6.


Remember to look out for early type vr6 ngines, as they can crack their double cylinderhead.

I have a friend here, WHO take the vr6 with a double turbo kit to 650 hp and 610 Nm, 6 rears and 4wd.

Very serious car, which can outrun many serious porsches, both from a standing start and in a turn combo.

316km/h documented top speed.


Apart from that, I've installed a set of stainless adjustable KW suspension, fatter antiroll bars both front and rear, poly bushings all over, light forged wheels, special homemade flowed and dynoed full exhaust, dynoed flowed special homemade sportscat, short shift gear, and full Recaro Electric hight- and lean-adjustable heated leather cabin, with much bigger side suport from a Golf II Ediion One, plus airpumps for the lumbar support on both seats. So I took the best of the Edition One and added it to the Corrado. Superb seats that hold you tight. I mean tight. And still comfortable. I have the narrow version of the three once available.

I also added strut Tower stiffening on both fron and rear of car. And a zillion other small Things.

It makes for a fast, light and very manouverable car, that likes corners

No tuning of engine.

I repaired the Electric sunroof wit all 6 complete repair kits and many more Things.

I added a smaller fatter momo steering Wheel and gearknob for comfort and better handlng of the control gear.

I added the extra clocks of the vr6in the center console, as the G60 ones are ugly small round clocks and the vr6 don't fit, but I "enhanced" it to fit ;)

A very handy car, that I don't use daily, but only for fast back road driving etc.


Like Porsche took over the 924 project, vw assigned Karmann to uild the Corrado, using vw mechanicals. It was the competitor to the 944 and have seriously better driving capabilities, and still faster. It is estimated that half of the small handmade production is left today, and for example the Porsche 944 is made in nearly double the number.

If your son keeps his original without all the clash on bumpers etc it should represent a good value in a few years time. It's certainly been rising in price here. Mine is a low milage, complete cared for example from day 1, and in very good condition. Mine is flashrot and full Black leather.

I also managed to get the leather handbrake handle, which is very rare, and the super rare (only 50 sets made) leather door handles. Waited 3½ year for those, and paid 350 $ for those two small inner door handles. Ouch.

Apart from that, I'd say that the Esprit is much cheaper or similar in Price for spares. So I bought the Esprit as well. Which is a faster car with a lot of attitude as well. Surely demands more from it's driver to translate it to fast driving.

PM me, if you want a (big) manual for it (Corrado).





Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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Ha Jacques, fair play! You really are into your Corrados ;-)


I have tipped my son off, I should think he might be in touch to bash heads with you.


He loves the car.


There's a G60 floating around where I live, I've seen it a few times. Will try and get some pics of it next time :detective:

I tempted my Esprit V8 IS in bits...(sob)

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My daily rumbler:




its been good fun, but approaching a junction of what to do with it. Will probably respray it back to original then sell it.


Not sure what to get next. I'm thinking maybe an XJS

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My daily drive:




Great for the Devon lanes - I never get stuck behind caravans in the summer but I do sometimes see a few in the mirrors  :w00t: (best commuter vehicle ever).


Forgot to mention - Road Tax is Free!

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I collect this on Friday.


I'm aware that it's basically a girls Rangerover and, as expected, my mates are all taking the piss.


I'm used to it, my last daily driver was a TT, and before that I had an SLK and an MX5.


Plus my boyfriend loves it..........  :harhar:



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a little off topic.....but still about daily drivers.....

im in a dilemma......

my past four daily drivers have been Saabs........

I love em.....they go like stink from 20-70mph (I wouldn't know anything about speeds after that....)

but as they gave up in 2011 and I got one of the last one which is nearly at 100k miles.....what am I to get next.....

Id have a Saab again (if they made em) it looks like I'll end up with some German dross.......

BMW/Audi/Mercedes....all pretty uninspiring really......

The Faster You Drive...The Slower You Age

(Albert Einstein  14 March 1879 - 18 April 1955)


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1982 DeLorean DMC 12 #16327, 1999 Lotus Elise, 1998 Lotus Esprit GT3 #2272, 2011 Lotus Evora S, 2013 Lotus Exige S,2016 Lotus Evora 400

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I have several sports cars, but this year I've been driving my '85 XJ-6 SIII about four days per week. By the way, that's a three-legged cat.

That's interesting I have a 1983 sovereign in bronze that is going to the mechanic after the weekend that will be hitting the road soon I hope!

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