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turbo esprit stickers and stripes


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any recommendations of suppliers of the turbo esprit stickers and stripes.??

also does anyone have a pair of long stem mirrors? even the mirror casings will do,, without the stems


1981 Turbo Esprit


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I just bought some stickers at a company here inside the Netherlands (a sticker company)










and here the decals before putting them on:



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Hi Tocus. The decals look close, but not exactly the same as mine (82MY) :(









The SJs 116mm gold one looks to be the same design as yours, whereas their 160mm black & red one is the same as mine.


Edit: Looking at the 85 MY brochure, it seems to have had the decals you have - but no stripes.


Edit: Been through the Esprit Picture thread, and it looks like the earlier cars had the larger decals, and the later cars had the smaller one - the "t" is different as well. Looks like the changeover was in 84 as there is one shot of an MY 84 car with the smaller stickers - with lines as well.





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Here is something else to throw into the melting pot. The press Essex Esprit had another version of the Turbo decal........


I had never noticed before the see-through look on both words and also note the wider "t" at the end of "esprit"

And then to really set the cat amongst the pigeons........

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