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Lenny Lotus Engine Issues

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Hi to all,

Finally got Lenny (76 Elite ) out of the warehouse at the weekend, just to run it up and down the yard to get a feel and see how it went compared to Lotty (80 Eclat ). Bearing in mind this was the first time its been driven since chassis change & replacement engine, this was the pre MOT check over. First two gentle runs were ok, much as I expected, then decided to put foot down and get into second, big crack/bang noise, lots of smoke out the two tail pies and cabin also filled up with smoke / fumes. Coasted into warehouse bay and noted big pool of oil spreading on the surface of the wet yard, good point, wipers worked on the windscreen but rear wiper works backwards.


Comments, engine has been in the car for over a year and has been run up to operating temp every month, no excessive smoke or fumes, no water lose and heater working, oil pressure normal starts at 100 drops to 80ish when hot and fan kicks in. Seems OK to me, also good volts on the volt meter.


Noted at the time engine  stopped, temp normal, oil pressure down to 30ish,  sounds okish, but not really sure, as i turned it off rather than cause more damage.


Borrowed compression tester from Duncan ( Thanks Dunc ) reading obtained last night are No.1, 10bar, No. 2 11.5, No. 3 11.5, No. 4 11.3ish. Are these about correct.?


Engine was brought as a runner with good oil pressure and I was told the car was driven into the breakers.


All four plugs were new about a year ago but are very dirty and sooty, this would suggest ring issues, but does not explain the drop in oil pressure.


Also checked last night, there has been no water lose or water in the oil as far as I can tell. Oil level was on max when I started but was half way between min & max when I stopped.


Any one any thoughts as I'm not to sure where to go with the car now.


Regards to all, John



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Comps look ok except # 1 I think... can you get hold of a leak down tester?

That should tell you whether it's rings or valves/guides, but it sounds like one or the other with that amount of smoke/ oil loss. Plugs state could be just very rich settings though...

Migh also be worth re checking the oil level if it was soon after you stopped.

Bummer. Good luck

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How old was the fuel it could be unburnt in the exhaust then when you put your foot down it blew, your comp is ok also just check the cam timing it may have jumped a tooth.

andy b

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I still don't understand John getting smoke AND oil pressure loss together....


Both of these would ordinarily point to different things (pressure loss being bottom end with smoking being mid/upper cylinder) and I'm struggling to come up with something that would cause both - other than what we discussed on the phone - a possible crack in the upper cylinder area bleeding oil pressure from a gallery into a cylinder?


What is the crankcase breather doing? Is it belching oil into the intake?


I'm around sat/sunday for a call/chat.



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