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85 turbo throttle cable pictures

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Hi guys I know there are a number of threads on here about throttle cable replacement. it appears mine has not been installed correctly and it may not have been connected correctly for a while. I have got the new outer installed ( that took a while i have to say Now I am installing the inner I really need some pics of the engine end how the cable routes correctly. I have all the parts i think but need ti unde stand which way up and way round and the little plate on the cam cover goes. 


any pics help would be great cheers chinster 


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thanks steven I think I have found the part that I am missing it is the throttle return spring. can can see it on your pic just , had to phone sj as it was not shown on thier web site, orderd 2! 


cheers C

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If you can see the throttle cable and bracket on that photo, you're doing better than I am. All I can see is the choke cable across the tops of the carburetters. The throttle cable on my 82 turbo comes up from underneath, the bracket attaches to the plenum backplate so that the outer fits to it and the cable is angled towards the throttle butterfly shaft. There is a fitting on this shaft...a cylindrical thingy, which rotates.. through which the cable inner passes....and then a fitting which is held to the inner by screws. Mine is actually the inner piece from an electrical chocolate block connector....been working for decades like that. Has two screws to hold it, so double redundancy!


Having had another peer at the photo...this seems to be the type of throttle linkage that uses the outer to move the linkage and the inner is fixed to a bracket on the cam cover. So my comments are a trifle redundant....but that's how it is on mine!!

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Hi John 


your right i could not see the cable but i could just about make out the bit that i was missing! The return Spring!


Seems like it had not been connected for some while certainly not whilst I have had the car. 


I have now fitted one that I bought form SJ. connecting the spring was a proper fiddle!. infact changing the entire cable inner and outer was a bit of a struggle. The old outer had actually corroded through and as soon as I touched it it snapped! It is really not an easy task connecting and tightening up the connections on the turbo, I am sure it would be much easier on the NA version. 


However It is all fixed now and the car is transformed I can't beleive how much better it is! 


I have ordered a full set of replacements so tat i have them in the boot of the car just incase! 

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