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S1 sold...and now ?!

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My Duratec swap went away and the garage is now empty (not at all, still a Mini JCW and an old MX-5 inside).

There's no hurry and I want to fire a great shot!

My S1 was an incredible car but I exasperated the project with too many upgrades, and every time I used it on track over last two years I had minor or major issues (I understood why great builders test cars with millions of kilometers on the Nordschleife!).

Last weeks I hardly resisted to order a new Boxster Spyder...very fascinating but basically it has no the GT3 suspensions bits of Cayman GT4 (sold out as you know).

The options for me (and my budget) are now:

1) to look for a good low mileage 997 GT3 3.8 clubsport at a reasonable price (I mean less than 80000 euro: almost impossible nowadays that they're constantly growing up)

2) to wait for the foreseeable Exige 400 (Cup + LSD!)...I'd love to drive another FAST, more mature Lotus, with the option of driving topless removing the HT.

Another point for the Exige is that I still have a 1100 kg capacity trailer and I could use it for Nurburgring trips.

What I'm not sure is if these V6 Exiges have the affordability I pretend from a 80-90000 euro car (and that "GT" Porsches generally have).

3) to wait for the rumored and very desirable (but still not sure) Cayman GT4 RS which should be the best "investment" possible for a new car under 100000 euro of these years (looking at how fast they sold two years of GT4 production and at the crazy 911 GT3 RS residuals)

4) last but not least to get a second hand actual V6 (there's some interesting in Europe around 60000 euro but none in Italy), living happily without upgrading it at all...waiting for the new entries on the market. This choice would be great BUT powerful cars are now very difficult to sell in Italy due to heavy senseless taxation over 250hp, and for the same reason one sabbatical detoxifying year would mean 4-5000 euro saved (taxes + insurance).

I never drove a Cayman (track or road) while I know and love 997 mk2 GT3 and I'm going to rent a V6 for a trackday in a couple of weeks.

The use of the car would be 50% track 50% fast road and Alps...hard suspensions are not a problem coming from 500-700 lbs Nitrons of a 720 kg S1.

Any suggestions (and feedbacks about V6s issues) well accepted!

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