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access hatches for handbrake mechanism

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The problem of getting access to the handbrake mechanism at the rear of the car has been discussed on here a few times.


I am one of the advocates of cutting access panels to get at them from the interior of the car - which is something Lotus should have done themselves to save hours of problems and allow for routine lubrication.


Some of us have recoiled in horror at the prospect of taking a grinder to their precious cars body, with others being more gung ho.


I thought I would take a couple of pics with the iphone when I was in there last week lubricating the mechanism,  to allow others to see what the access hatches look like and where they need to put them if they want to go down this road:








for people searching the archives: access hatches, access holes, how do I attach handbrake elite eclat, handbrake pivot, rear drum.

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I cut my access hole in the top of the transmission tunnel just in front of the bulkhead, trapezoid shape and big enough to get your hand in.

Then fitted an alloy plate over it.

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I'm going to put a hole here also. If you have a flexi drill attachment/extension, and remove the rear centre console. You can mark the extremities of the trapezoid shape with 4 drill holes from the bottom when the diff is in place, then join them up with the jigsaw from inside the car?

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I used an osillating multi tool with the half circle blade, absolutely perfect for cutting straight lines, it just sinks into the fibreglass with little effort or dust.

I will take a picture shortly

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A few pics for you, this access hatch could really be bigger but it does mean you can adjust the hand brake cable.

The body shell has about an inch clearance before you get to the chassis, so if you are carefull its no problem cutting it out.




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Dear All:


I did the same, but with a 3 1/4 inch hole saw.  I also replaced the hand brake clevis pins with a 1/4 inch shouldered hex head bolt.  Here are some pictures.


The assembled bolt acts as pivot and consists of the shoulder bolt, an M6 narrow band hardened zinc coated washer, a 10-24 stainless steel washer and a 10-24 zinc coated nylon collared nut.


The holes then can be plugged using the same round rubber body cavity plug found in the front wheel arch by the steering u-joint.


Another tip-cut the holes a bit higher up on the cars back seat backboard.  You can then easily access the allen head bolt directly from the top.








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