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not at all, thats a good find.

and will be of benefit to quite a few people, me included.

after the donation of the torque bar i thought i could donate it to the club and that way the members could ask for it on loan when they do their own cambelt

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The way this discussion has gone, prompts me to think, Why don't we list tools that we are happy to make available to other members for them to be able to tackle more detailed jobs that would otherwise require them to go out and buy an item for a one-off job?

Things that spring to mind are, engine hoist, torque wrench, angle meter for torque , belt tension gauge, brake bleeding kit. Lots more that some of us could do with access to, and others of us have, use occasionally, but wouldn't mind loaning it out.

Actually, the stuff listed above, I have available, but being out here in Norfolk, there probably aren't too many people that would need it.

Could we have an area of the forum devoted to this, 2 sub-sections, one for "I have" ....... one for "I would like"..... and people could match up needs and availablity as required?

It wouldn't be as centralised as Simon's post refers to, but, for example, if there are 5 of us with engine hoists that we are happy to loan out, it means people can remove the engine&transaxle that one time they need to, only having to borrow a trailer to collect/ return it, rather than purchase/ hire a hoist for several weeks.

Obviosysly, a lot more thought would need to go into the idea, but it's just a suggestion at this point.


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