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I have been having some issues with idling and I think it maybe a mix of troubles. The idle creeps up over the period of a run - and can be a little random. The tps had a bad contact and had set code 22.

The tps is all sorted, clean, set to 0.5v - this had a crappy contact and is now lovely...

The Blm and iac has all been reset. ( yeah I'm sure I shouldn't have done the Blm... But it was like the wet paint sign!! )

On the learn cycle - is it normal for the idle to be higher than normal on the learn cycle?? I ran the car for 15 minutes and the idle crept from 1200 to over 1500....... Stop engine - restart and seems to be sat at just over 1000 now.

I would have thought this would have set code 35 for idle being 200 out for more than 20 seconds - but it hasn't.

I will take it out for a run tomorrow - with the laptop in the boot - and grab some data.

Don't know why it's posted twice??? Arghh ipads

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Ok been fiddling a bit over the last few days.

Have reset all again. The black and white vac hose from the plenum box to the boost gauge transducer thingy was a bit horrible and wobbling it when warm did have an effect on idle?? Ripped off and replaced. All reset. Car sat idling for 15 mins.

I've now driven for a good 50 miles - all now seems well.

But when pulling up to stop - the revs are at about 1300- 1400 - and the over a couple of seconds steps down in increments to just over 1000. Is this normal? Or have I got an iac valve that's slow to move?

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