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Bmw space saver

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Apologies as I am having issues with the search on my phone. Which bmw shares the same pcd as guigaro esprits?

I wasted a fair amount of time today with a puncture as my original spare will not fit over my replacement brakes. There are plenty of bmw wheels on eBay and I can get a spigot made and tacked on if needed.

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You could pop round and try one of Sue's BMW wheels they are full sized rather than space savers. We are only in Thatcham.

They are 5 x 120

eBay has spigot rings if the PCD is correct


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Not definitively

Will has not called round to physically try a wheel but some searching on the net confirms the PCD is 5x120 on both lotus and BMW.

The centre bore is smaller on the lotus at 59.5mm (BMW is 74.1 or 72.6 depending on the model) but spigot rings should be available / easy enough to make.

Once confirmed if Will makes a note of the model that 'fits' I'm sure he will share. A quick look at eBay shows a decent supply of space savers but most sellers want local pick up (for obvious reasons) so a bit of luck needed in finding one near you ( and probably best if a popular model fits e.g. The E36 3 series where they made loads and at present they are cheap and not saved)


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As per Johns reply, it looks promising but I need to determine the offset on the bmw space saver. This will look after the front, but quite what you are supposed to do with a rear puncture even with the original spare beats me, where are you supposed to put the flat wheel which will not fit in the spare wheel well!

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