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My Dipstick doesn't work.....?

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My 1989 Esprit Turbo project came with a nice long dipstick, with a yellow eye on the end, so it looks like the real thing, however..........everytime I put it in it just comes out with oil coating most of the way up, much higher than the  Max reading.  I have done a full oil change and carefully fully drained the system and refilled and the dipstick still reads the same, .i.e. miles above the max mark


I have measured it from tip to the end where the metal disappears into the yellow fitting at 675mm.  If also has Ford YC1Q-66750-AC written on it.  Can anyone tell me if this is the right one 



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First of all, your "project" engine isn't on a stand, on it's side, is it? LOL. 'Cause the tilt could be effecting the reading.



My '88's (which SHOULD be the same as a non-SE I think, does your oil pan have an 18mm male hex drain-bolt?) measures from base of the top "ring":


17 3/4" to the H line  (451mm)

18 1/4" to the L line   (463mm)

19 1/4" to the bottom of the dipstick. (488mm)



Note that the dipstick TUBE is calibrated at the Lotus factory by an olive (ferrule) that fits under the dipstick tube's retaining nut. So if the ferrule was ever been moved, the dipstick will no longer be accurate.


Later Esprits had a bigger oil pan, BTW, so my measurements may be null and void if yours is bigger.  That's why I mentioned the drain nut.


(On mine, factory capacity of the oil system is 7 quarts)

Atwell Haines

'88 Esprit

Succasunna, NJ USA

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(On mine, factory capacity of the oil system is 7 quarts)


Installed in the car including oil coolers, plumbing etc.

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Thanks for the advice........

Looks like my dipstick belongs to a Trannie (the van type)... Thanks for the measurements mine is obviously too long, but the tube has obviously removed at some point so calibration will have also been lost

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