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Camshaft identification ?

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This may be the most stupid question ever but I can't find an answer.

After several years I have finally got the engine back in the car following a complete strip and rebuild.

Starts, but only just and doesn't run well. The only thing I can think of now is if I have somehow managed to get the Inlet and Exhaust cams reversed.

Is this possible? The valves are all closed at TDC, timing marks lined up etc etc.

How can I identify (while in the car) which cam in Inlet or Exhaust?

This one has me stumped.

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The camshafts for intake and exhaust are the same. For a '91, the campulleys are the same part as well, but mounted differently for inlet and exhaust. Check the markings (IN or EX) in relation to the colored dot (red for intake, blue for exhaust).

I'd also check for airleaks, as that could explain the poor running.

I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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The cam pulleys should be marked with a dot on both faces with IN or EX. The should line up together at TDC (the easiest way to check is to remove plug 1 and insert a long screwdriver to check that piston is at top of its stroke). The important think to remember is that you view from behind ie against the bulkhead so you will need a mirror to check. EX should be on the left side nearest the exhaust manifold and IN should be on the right pulley. 

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