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Back to the future: F1 refuelling etc.

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Sorry I'm too stupid to link, but the BBC website is reporting that F1 refuelling will be back in 2017.


I doubt that Jos Verstappen is too keen on the idea, now that his son's competing.


Also other changes are expected like noisier engines, free tyre choice etc.


This damning quote caught my eye:


"Drivers have been critical that the cars are too slow - in some races they are up to 10 seconds slower than in 2004."

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I say, give them wider tires that last and enable them to drive hard the whole race. Get rid of stupid rules like having to use both sets of a given tire.  Saving tires is such a stupid way to go and


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The cars are too slow!  Watching the last practice in Spain, there was almost no difficulty in what they were doing, it was like watching a parade of cars doing slow laps.  During the race, they were something like 10s/lap slower with a heavy fuel load!


I really think they should go back to a cable throttle, hydraulic brakes, no ECU control over either.


I like what the WEC have done with each of the top LMP1 teams running different engine tech!  Porsche has a turbo gas 2.0L V4 with 8MJ lithium battery. Toyota has a 3.7L gas NA V8 with a supercapacitor system for their ERS.  Audi has a Turbo Diesel 3.7L with a flywheel.  And they are each fighting for the lead during the races!


For F1, I think they should do away with the hybrid stuff though, since it leads to all the electronic controls that take away from the driver's skill!


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If the cars are slower an too easy to drive, then reduce the tyre width. Reduce downforce. Start making the cars squirrely. Remove the pits control over the cars and make every adjustment the responsibility of the driver. Put a clutch back in the car.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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I say, give them wider tires that last and enable them to drive hard the whole race. Get rid of stupid rules like having to use both sets of a given tire.  Saving tires is such a stupid way to go and is simply not racing. Other things need to be added that make more passing is just a must like making sure the venue is a track that has that characteristic. This is one reason why Monaco is such a bore and really if they want to race there, they should drive go-carts or a much smaller car as the current F1 cars don't fit the narrow track. 


And get Bernie out of there.... the old crusty, good for nothing dude who has just filled his pockets and ruined the sport year after year. They keep talking about cost cutting while changing the whole format often which obviously does the opposite. Too much fishy stuff going on behind the scenes.


I also think giving the big teams the most money is a sham. Why do you think there are teams at the bottom who struggle each year because of lack of funds while the big boys, who don't need help, wine that the slow cars get in the way. 


I would like to see them have to shift gears ( not paddles on the steering wheel ) like old times, and heal and toe the throttle. You know, drive the cars. Too many drivers aids and not enough wheel to wheel racing.


And bringing back re-fueling is just too stupid too. Why did they get rid of it in the first place...because it was too dangerous. I guess it is about the show, like NASCAR which is another stupid thing and one reason I don't watch that series.


It is also not covered here in the states very good at all. Many are in the middle of the night and are not broadcast later for the viewing public.  NOT GOOD!


Been following F1 since 1963 when Chapman and Clark were at the top of the game. innovation was the key to success then, not just a big influx of money.


I also would like to see the qualifying go back to two hours where the fastest lap recorded gets the pole and give a point for it as well. 

F1 used to be the fastest class of car racing and the most technologically advanced. Too many aero wing-lets and gizmos. 




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