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Wheel refurb recommendations in North of England?

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Have put a few decent sessions of polishing in with Autosol and other products, and have got my Eclat wheels looking much better than they were, but not super shiny.  Was thinking of getting them refurbed along the lines of this:


Sound like they say powdercoating and then machining the polished faces back into the wheels.  Have looked around but only had one company around Leeds who can do that, and they said it'd be 150 quid per wheel.  Not sure if that's the going rate, and if so then I'll just leave them as they are.


Wondered if anyone has any recommendations on where to go to get them refurbed in the north of England?

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Hi I had my wheel refurbished by pristine wheels of Woburn Sands, did a fantastic job, I gather that they diamond turn them then carry out the powder coating. They also have free delivery and collection, the price you have been quoted sounds a little steep compared to what I payed, but it was about 10 years ago so that could be the going price now. Have a look at their website

Good luck

Regards Dan

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For a price comparison, I had my Esprit BBS wheels refurbed and painted (not polished) for £60 per wheel in Dec 2013 - in Milton Keynes.



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My wife's car had the wheels refurbished before we bought it. The finish was so impressive I dug through the history to find the receipt - The Wheel Specialist


They are a chain/franchise type thing so although hers were done in Fareham I imagine the quality should be the same throughout? Slightly more expensive that the average at £360 for 4, but the backs are as well done as he fronts and the muck just slides off. That was powder coated of course, so machined will likely be dearer

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