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sticking throttle help

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the throttle on my 85 turbo is sticking. 


I initially investigated and found that the Bowden cable was in need of replacing. it was rusted through and snapped on investigation of where it went in the body. I have fully replaced the cable and it is now much smoother. However I still have a sticking throttle! 


When i put everything back together is seemed that whilst i have had the car there has not been a return spring! I ordered one from SJ and fitted (long story in itself!) i connected it as it shows to the top of the carb and to the to cam cover. Now when you accelerate the spring seems to clash with the top of the cable and stops the cable guide from pivoting correctly and hence the sticking. However I can’t work out how the spring could be connected another way! Any ideas? The car is running brilliantly other than this annoying issue.


I have attached some pics that show what I mean. i have looked at the prts book and the work shop manual but it looks like i have it correct! am i going mad?




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My 82 turbo has only ever had the springs on the external additional springs at all! Hadn't even thought about it; throttle has always been smooth and never stuck... You could try hooking the spring around the hex headed bolt on your throttle cable clamp. That ought to stop the clash between the spring and the movey bits....

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Thanks John 


I did think of attaching the spring like that but think it may put pressure on it and it could end up pulling the nipple of the end of the cable and I would then lose the throttle.


I spent a little more time on it ysterday re tightend everything but it still seems that it the throttle arm is still not returning fully every time ad so reving to high blip the throttle and it will retunr fully.   


From what I have found there are 2 types of carbs with different return springs. on is a coil spring which I think would be yours and one is the longer spring like mine.


Not had any other suggestions from anyone else so seems it is just me with this issue. I would really love to see other 85 turbos and how they are set up, can anyone help with some pictures? 

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Christian:  Sorry for the delay. I looked and do not seem to have the same setup as you with regards to that return spring. Here are some pics, as mine sit. Let me know where I can shoot more pictures to help you out? Lee





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Hi Lee thanks for taking these. I think the cable across the top of the carbs is the choke but I can make out the throttle. I think I am going to have my own spring made up in order to sort the issue.

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