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Windscreen washer tube diameter

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Can't remember if it's 2 or 3mm (inside diameter) but it has to be very small or it will fall off the washer jet and spray the inside of the car with water - ask me how I know...

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So guys, is the washer tube Accessible from under the dash without removing anything/everything?

Passed the MoT yesterday 🍾🍾, but the washers stopped working on the way back. Could be blocked nozzles, but I seem to have lost a lost of water from the bottle which isnt evident in the bonnet compartment, so I suspect a split or disconnected pipe .

any advice anyone?

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Check the bottle first, where the bracket is for leaks. Take it off and filll it up. See if it leaks. Easy fix epoxy on the inside if the crack. If its not cracked check the nozzels for blockage. If the hose had come off the inside it would be very wet in your car. Check the hose connection to the bottle. Where the hose connects to the nozzle inside is very difficult to get at. You might be able to reach it by taking the passenger seat (easy) and glove box out or the fan shroud inside the engine bay(last resort as its normally glued on with silicon) . But this is a lot of work. Its unlikely the tube is the problem. Just clean out the nozzel. Ive had two cracked bottles so far. Common fault as they always break at the bracket.

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I was just about to post the same question. My tube has definitely come off and I had the glovebox out and still could not see were the tube pushes on inside the bodywork, it seems impossible to get to, anyone got any ideas, Ant Man perhaps?

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I had a look under there because I was tidying the loom in that area. All I can say is good luck 😳

I couldnt see a way to get to the nozzle from inside...was able to trace the pipe to about the LH edge of the centre console, but no further. No dice going in thro the radio aperture either I’m afraid, so dont bother trying to take that out

I was lucky that mine was just blocked nozzles, must use a fair flow of water as I got through a pint or so, hence the panic.

in the end I took the pipe off the bottle and sucked all the water and crap back out. That, along with a lot of wiggling with a pin in the nozzles and a bit of 16 gauge G string did the trick

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