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Lotus Carlton/Omega AC Compressor

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So I bought a Lotus Omega and need to get the AC running.  The system is charged but still doesn't blow cold.  I think the problem is the compressor.  As far as I can tell the compressor is a standard GM Europe unit not specific to the Lotus version and originally fit to the Omega A , but not the subsequent Omega B platforms.  The newer models are fairly easy to find on internet sales sites, but older units are proving harder to source.


The Unit has a GM logo on it but is branded Harrison and has model number 1135046


Any assistance in finding a source for replacement would be appreciated.

Kyle Kaulback

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I am surprised a good AC shop is not able to recommend a replacement unit?

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from the UK, a replacement seems easy enough.


I would have thought it was a Harrison V5, as my HSV Holden of a similar era uses one of them and it shares a large number of parts with the Carlton/Senator/Omega A.


Do a google search on Harrison V5, and see if the pictures look the same. If it is, then that compressor was fitted to LOADS of cars, including US ones. I think the corvette used a V5.

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looks to be a variant of a Harrison V5, in which case I'd check that the clutch is engaging drive when it gets voltage (you will hear the engine note drop slightly when you switch it on). If not check the fuses and wiring. I'm pretty certain the clutch can be removed from the front of the unit without depressurising the system to remove the compressor.


Any decent aircon shop should be able to rebuild/replace a harrison V5.

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There's a good download on the AutobahnStormers forum for A/C overhaul (you have to be a member and registered to the forum). However, that also recommends sending the Harrison V5 compressor away for overhaul if bust. Don't forget the system was originally R12, so needs to be converted to R134a nowadays. Mine wasn't.

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