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ECU repair


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Its any possibility repair ECU for Esprit SE 1990? Nice ll be some contacts.

Problem with closing/opening of injections for could start, they still full open all the time. Injectors r new.


We ve tryed open and repair, but there is double side printed circuit and many smal parts inpossible to get here.

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Hmm just had a look for 1227808 ecus - there were everywhere on eBay a month or so ago - but I was after the 1227807 which is in mine.

Can't find one on the net presently - there is one on though.......

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Parts manual on here and the cross reference show they should be 1227808

1227808 is a four connector Ecu

1227807 is a three connector Ecu as on mine.

The 1227808 is used on most of the x180 esprits - also shows on the s4 and s4s unless I'm reading wrong.

I'm sure I have read on here a guy using a stock 1990se Ecu in his s4s with his memcal unit ......

Have a look at the parts cross reference that's on the Internet - book up to full membership and grab all the parts manuals

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Here you are - check out eBay item no 221422500097

You'll have to wait a few days for the postman.

Looks like I got my 8s and 7s mixed up above that's why I couldn't find them - there's loads

Only here once

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