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I was in the Gentry Lane showroom looking at that silver V8 about this time last year.

Owner John Simoes wanted astronomical money for it (over 110k) which I took to mean he wasnt really interested in selling it (its been sitting there for six years) :blink:


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wow - how odd poor car! :)

cool find

wayne - dont you think 110 is a fair asking price? i suppose if its been there 6 years then the price is wrong

seems to be a totally unique item... but i guess theres the possible dormancy problems...

she looks super pretty all shiny and new though!! :blink:

yo santa! i wanna top detailing for xmas!

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Rob, it looked to be in mint condition, but why pay MSRP on a 6 year old car? :blink:

As soon as you drive it away its lost at least $40,000 ! :)

I dont think its a particulary smart move (investment or other wise), but if you want a brand new Canadian spec 2000 Esprit, I guess this is the one! :)

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The Lotus dealer in St. Louis, Mid Rivers Lotus has a 2004 chrome orange Esprit in a smiliar position. Never been sold. Awesome color, but I imagine one would have to enjoy a lot of attention to drive it.


Mmmmm, Chrome Orange V8...slurrrp. B)


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awesome! a new v8 just sitting there for 6 years? what kind of problems would a car like that have if not being driven or running? I'd imagine it would need some work due to not being used...ever..

I agree 100%, that will probably be the most unreliable Esprit V8 TT ever, sad isn't it. and he wants $110k for it. at this point its basically a trophy, only one that would probably buy it is sultan of brunei

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Thatis the one being sold at naples motorsports in Florida right? it's labeled a "time capsule" on their website.

Though I would prefer to label it a "small yield explosive device" :)

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