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Brakes overhaul on a Brembo and Kelsey Hayes ABS 430 equipped Esprit

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Hi All,


Whilst I wait for my new top wishbones I’ve decided to sort the brakes out.

I have a couple of questions that would really assist me:

1)      Bundy pipe vs Kunifer pipe.

2)      Bleeding the brakes on a KH430 ABS equipped esprit inc Tech 1.

3)      Recommended bleeding kit.


I have stripped the front Brembo calipers and are replacing the seals as 3 out of the 8 pistons were sticking, I've also cleaned the guide shims.

The piston seals are standard Brembo 40mm and 36mm respectively and equivalents can be sourced from amazon etc. I've got mine from

I’ll repaint and add the 80mm Brembo sticker which I’ve sourced from ebay.

Bleed valves and dust cap replaced 11mmx1 again from


As for brake fluid as I’m not tracking the car but do intend to hit a couple of the Alpine pass’s in July I am going to use Castrol React Performance as it appears to be the best compromise cost vs performance, I’ve not bought it yet so if there are other recommendations then I’ll listen but ATE Super Blue and Motul RBF600 are just too expensive plus I don’t believe that for my situation they are not necessary.


I will be doing the same for the rears using the overhaul kit from SJ Sportscars.


Whilst I've stripped it I have noted that there is some corrosion on the 2 of my brake pipes near where it goes through the bulkhead so I've decided to replace them all.


The original pipes are Bundy but I am proposing to use Kunifer.

Does anyone see any problem with using Kunifer on the Esprit?



I will have the joy of bleeding the full system 2) is there anything I should know or do as there are no pointers for bleed having a Kelsey Hayes 430 ABS system. As I see in the service notes that for the Kelsey Hayes 415 equipped cars there is an auto bleed system for the ABS using the Tech 1.


I don’t have a Tech 1 cartridge for the 430 system, is it needed if so any ideas where there is one?

Also I will need to buy a bleeding kit, does anyone have any recommendations as I’ve seen the Sealy VS820 vacuum on amazon for £39 but it says it’s not suitable for cars with ABS? I can’t understand why not as the pressures when using it are only 20psi (from a car tyre). I have looked at other threads on TLF but most cover cars without ABS.


Any tips to ease the pain will be appreciated. :help:

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I would love to hear any tips you have for getting to the pipes as they pass through the front bulkhead, access looks impossible without removing the steering rack. I gave them a soaking in Dynax anti rust wax instead!

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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When I replaced all the hard brake lines on my car I jointed the brake pipes where they pass through the body into the front boot as you cannot run a sufficient length of straight pipe through to be able to make a suitably neat job of it. In the factory they drop the body over the vertically pointing pipes and then bend them to suit the master cylinder.


I thought that on the V8's Lotus did something similar by joining the pipes at a mounting plate fitted to the front boot floor.

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Your right Mark it is going to be difficult and having traced the pipes back its one of the rear brake pipes that's the problem.

The thing is brakes are brakes and for a car with this capability it's the only thing that has to work all the time. So it's not the right thing to just recoat it and hope that it will be ok just because it's a hard job, but I agree with you I'd rather not have to do it.

To aid the replacement of the lines I understand that Kunifer is much easier to bend and flare, so this would help me with the new installation. I know the Bundy pipe is slightly stronger so and if that is what the car needs then I'll take the pain and do it properly as per factory spec. Looking on Internet it says that a number of performance car manufacturers use Kunifer e.g. Aston Martin and Lotus!

I'll have a look through the other forums to see if anyone has experience or can confirm the use of Kunifer.

I'm being particular on this as its brake system.

Again keep the comments coming to help me and others in the future, as one thing is for sure the brake lines will need to be replaced at some point.

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Hi Steve.


I replaced all the pipes on mine several years ago with kunifer, no problems with it whatsoever.  I didn't read any of the tech notes & bled the system with an airline powered bleeding kit.  I've not had any issues yet


At the same time I also upgraded the flexis to braided steel and the system is filled with Fuchs dot 5.1 fluid


I'd suggest having a look on Opie oils site, they do some good offers on fluids etc

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