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Cayman GT4 vs Exige v6

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I wanted one, had a letter of intent in with the dealer, have also previously purchased 2 brand new Porsche GT3's from the same dealer.......didn't get one, so bought another Exige V6

The time an extra 40 bhp makes is hard to claw back at the Nurburgring, so many long uphill sections as well as the vast main straight where the more slippery Porsche cd will also help. I don't think

That's their problem, not mine. If I was a Cayman buyer I would want the best Cayman they can produce for the price. The GT4 clearly isn't. It would cost Porsche nothing to offer it with 400bhp, maybe

I drove both cars yes, but the GT4 not on track....

The chassis of the GT4 feels better, but it so good that it seems lacking 50 or more HP.

The Exige is more nervous, needs more "driving" and is, thus, more involving.

At the base, the GT4 is the "better" car. Regarding involvement they are quiet different. 


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