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Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator


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Hi Guys


I read a thread recently where someone had been dialling their car in on a dyno and had used an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. I'd like to know if they can provide me with a link to the part that they used.


I've had a search but can't find it.



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You can Just blank out the original regulator and fit an remote unit in the return line..

This is what most people do. There are loads of design units available to suit all purposes..

If you google adjustable fuel pressure regulators , they are all there.. and don't cost a fortune..

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Here is a couple of pic's Cam..

I machined an alloy plug with an 'o' ring fitted and inserted flush..

I used 8mm bore pipe through out, with exception of what was in the tank..


Hope this helps.






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Thanks guys, both of those look good.


Chris, did you machine that yourself or have someone do it for you? What regulator are you using?



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How sturdy are the standard fuel hoses? I was a bit shocked to see they don't have clamps on them when I bought the car. Do they ever pop off?


Was looking at the braided hose kit here but thought they were a bit expensive:


After looking at the price of fittings though, these actually seem like a reasonable deal? Strange that they don't include anything for the return hose though, I'm guessing it shouldn't be under as much pressure so a run of braided hose with clamps should be fine?

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i'm no machinist, one of the guys at work made it for me.  

the plastic hoses seem fine, you can still buy them as well as tool to press them onto fittings:

Dorman products

however, i replaced my fuel lines with Gates SAE J30 R9 that someone recomended and re-used the OEM fittings.

purchased from and added nylon braid over it.



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Well my brother machined up an adapter in NZ and posted it over to me as per Chris' spec. Just received this too:


Got one with a gauge for the same price.

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Smoothest bit of work on this car so far





Anyone got a recommendation to set the pressure to? I've done the ram air mod,green dot pulleys and full after market (straight through) exhaust. This is only temporary until the ECU is in; everything will then be tuned on the dyno.

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