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Windscreen wiper movement

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G'day all,

My windscreen wiper has a strange movement (maybe normal for an Esprit with all of its quirks :( )

(refer to the picture below)

1. When I turn the wipers off, the wiper arm stops at position 'A', as in the photo. :) A little too high.

2. Whilst driving above 40 km/h (or below 40 and accelerating), the wiper goes back and forth with its lowest point being the X at point 'B'. :)

3. Whilst driving below 40 km/h (either coasting or slowing down), the wiper bangs heavily against the stop, at point 'C'. Very loud! :o

What could be causing this? And how do I fix it? It makes me want to drive fast all the time, :( , but then just being in the car does this. :)

The position it swings to on the other side is fine.


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The park position of the wiper seems to vary on every Esprit I have ever seen.

The wiper arm is driven by a cable from the motor (via a worm gear), and the varying conditions on the screen (warm, cold. wet , damp, wind,etc.) cause this cable to strech and wind up a little thus altering the parking position. :(

Now we wait to see if anyone has a better theory! :)

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Use Rainex, then you don't need to worry about the wiper!!

If I use my wiper then it parks in your position A. I think it's simply the size of the wiper and arm verses the wimpy gearbox and the motor hasn't got the balls to park the wiper horizontally.

I only get the banging if the wiper is on the fastest setting.

I also find the wiper a very useful tool to see how fast you are going. I discovered, on a private track, that mine will alert me when I pass 100mph and raise itself from the horizontal position. Or maybe it's just getting excited? :)


Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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Mine does it too...always has in the 18 years or so I've had the car...biffs the stop quite hard with a combination of slow car speed, fast wiper speed and lots of wet. Can't say as I've ever really bothered about it, but Wayne's explanation (as usual) sounds feasible. Just as long as nothing actually breaks....

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Ditto the above. Their is also a lot of play in the actual wiper pantograph arrangement. The reason it doesn't bang on the stops at speed is that the wind resistance adds to the frictional resistances on the motor from the screen contact with the rubber blade and acts to push the play out of the action away from the stop.

I tried adjusting the park position upwards, but this just lead to the wiper travelling off the windscreen at the other end of the sweep.




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Thanks for the replies guys. As other people have the same problem after some attempts to fix it, then I'll just have to notch this up to an Espritism. :)

If I get some time after fixing up all of the other problems on the car :( , then I might look into alternative setups for the wiper system.

Thanks again,


p.s. if anyone else has found a fix, don't hesitate to post.

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I think there is an adjustment on the wiper motor to set the parked position but I can't remember for certain. I would ask around or get a wiper motor off an old English car from a scrapyard and take it apart and generally fiddle with it to see how it works. Then you should be able to adjust yours so it doesn't keep clonking against the stop

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My initial plan was to only fab up a new wiper blabe mount as I have never really had a problem with the arm or gearbox, works fine on my car.

I just want to control the location of the blade a lot better and eliminate some of the clonking noises that come from it.


Whoops, wrong thread............

1981 S3 4.2 V8 6 speed (The Mutant)

Mutant V8 Conversion Thread

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