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Alpine Celebration Concept unveiled at Le Mans

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Well another competitor for the Elise/Exige is on the way.


Renault has just unveiled its A110 2016 version and it should pretty much look like this:





Which, in my opinion, is ok if maybe a bit too much first gen Audi TT from the front. It's not mindblowing as it is not that close to the rendering who had the car to look tighter and lower like this:



or this:



And it's not as cool looking as the prototype Alpine that was shown a while ago and looked like that:



The design was toned down as the car objective, which will have a rear wheel drive mid-engined Clio RS engine or at best a Megane RS/Cup engine so 4cyl 1.6 or 2.0 turbo 200 to 300bhp. No 3.6l turbo V6 from the Renault Sport Coupe and looks plain awesone :


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It doesn't exactly ignite any sports car passions in me. Kinda looks like the lovechild of an RX-8 and a yawn - I was rather hoping Renault would aim to excite a bit more than this!

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It's just a another bland average looking sports car. Certainly doesn't look special.

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Out of interest, is this the car that Caterham were involved with at one point?

Yup. But Renault did not like the original design that Caterham came up with so we have that instead. I expected a more agressive design they dig to deep in the heritage, had to deal with 2016 regulations and as a result come up with an unimpressive interpretation of a car that was quite the thing when it first came out. 

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Looks like something out of the new Cars Movie from Disney. Nope. No. No way. No thanks.


It will appeal to the Audi TT buying masses though, especially if they put a 35% price premium on it and tell them it is really just a Renault underneath (the same strategy works well for Audi  - charge them 35% more than a Skoda then piss yourself when you sell loads of them....  :)  )

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That is clearly a competition model (Renault Cup series perhaps?), so when they take off the racey bits and stickers and announce it in showroom specification, it will look even tamer. It doesn't really look particularly like a middie to me.


I'm slightly disappointed in Renault: they had been one of the few mainstream manufacturers not to go down the "Greatest Hits" route by simply plagiarising their back catalogue (A110 in this case). Something like the futuristic Alpine prototype shown above would have been a much worthier offering.

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