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This is why, the stock dash layout is utterly rubbish…

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This is going be quite challenging… well, why should it be different to all other topics of this car ? :D

The connections of the 100mm and 80 are different. So like Kieran suggested one has to make a new cable or… I am looking for an adaptor. No idea if this is as good as a complete new cable, but I hate the imagination too scrawl completely through the car to change things, which are working… at the moment. Adaptor is ordered. After this we have to look if the Speedo must be calibrated or not (hopefully not!! eusa_pray.gif )

Sadly my vendor of choice let me down… :( and the project lasts too long and others are on hold.

For the change itself: it is a LOT of fiddling. The parts between the MYs are similar but not identical. So there is a lot of try and error to get the right position where everything sits like it should be.

BUT it is worth it. I have been out with her and boy... How confident it is to see what is going on. Only to notice the turn signals on the motorway...very pleased with it so far. But much work ahead...


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Now the instruments are all there. The rev counter works well and looks very fine. The overall appearance is like I have imagined it.


Sadly I have problems with the speedo (hear, hear... ) After much struggling, the pin could be now driven by hand, which I think is a messenger for a bigger problem? What could be happened now? Is the gearbox elbow driver damaged? Or even worse something inside the gearbox?

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