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Low p/ex offer - V6 Cup


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I've tracked down a local S1 which is currently off the road due to exhaust issues and a few other minor woes.   The current owner did not have the funds to fix it and is also a recent mum.  It's therefore available. 



Run away from that! Get one that has had an owner that has the £ to keep it in good nick.  Of course it's up to you, we've almost unanimously agreed the Cup isn't the right car for you. (Though it is the right car for others) . So you may not want to take honest advice (given freely with no skin in the game).


I also "get" the too much power for the road argument. (I also agree to a large extent). Get a lower power car, take it on the chin ditching a new car after 1 year is expensive and move on.


Simply buying the first S1 because you've read it is "the best" is as daft as buying a Cup IMHO.


I bought my S2 from a guy that couldn't make his mind up, he lost on my car, then the subsequent 111R, then an S1. He's spent '000s on making his S1 "awesome", invariably with reliability issues. To be brutally honest he'd have been miles better off just keeping the car he sold me.  Mine was miles faster over 5 laps, because his was broken after 2 ;)


At the end of the day, the grass is always greener.

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Apologies if I have come across as being mean in any way. I don't believe in ridiculing anyone online any more than I would in real life. I'm also glad that these posts have received far more respect than you would normally find elsewhere.

But I'm glad other members can see some of the absurd contradictions in many of the posts. Of course everyone 'gets' that there are frustrations in a very fast car on public roads, this is precisely why I enjoy track days. Also why I am so glad I chose a car that delivers most where you can enjoy it best.

I have written at length about the anti-social cornering limits of the Cup spec car and also how it's towering ability can make it feel like it's not even trying at sane and legal road speeds.

I was also the very proud owner of an S2 Elise which is still missed and will go down as one of the very best and most enjoyable road cars I ever owned.

But what is absolutely absurd to me is the insistence that the V6 Cup is not 'involving' to drive at legal speeds. It remains one of the most responsive and communicative cars you can buy at any price. Many would argue that it was too busy, too immediate, too visceral compared to a polished, refined all-rounder like the Porsche Cayman. The one thing it offers, unarguably until now, is a vivid sense of occasion, an immersive drive in the true Lotus tradition. I like my V6 precisely because it shares so much of what I loved about my Elise. Had it really lost any of the intimate connection with the machine and the road that the Elise offers I would have been the first one to write about it on here and the first Cup owner to trade back down to an Elise also.


The great achievement of the V6 Exiges is that they combine most of the performance of something very serious like a Nissan GTR with most of the communication and response of an Elise. No other car on sale offers this, most seriously fast cars are not even into their stride until past 100 mph. Still considered far too extreme for most people, the three variants offer some fine tuning according to your road/track use. The Roadster remains the best and most enjoyable of all for mainly road use. Annoyingly it's also hugely talented on the track. The V6S remains a great compromise between the two and the Cup a masterpiece of a track car you don't need to trailer. The sense of occasion, alertness and responsiveness increases accordingly. With the harnesses, carbon seats, quick release steering wheel, firmer suspension and lower ride height the Cup makes driving to Tesco feel like you're on a formation lap for a GT race.

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Seems to me that what started out as a simple comment about being shocked by the trade in price of the V6 Cup, seems to have turned into a tirade where the person has been vilified from everything from his judgement, driving skill , driving in a responsible manner and even his wife.


Come on guys I thought this was a friendly forum and not like some of the others out there and have now appeared to have driven away a guy whom seems a genuine fan of the car.

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Hmmm, I hear what you are saying PGN340R, however, I must admit that at times it almost seemed like the OP was trolling himself with some of his responses, or at the very least goading a response to some quite contradictory at times postings.  


I think the whole thread, from start to finish could have been better handled but I do think the responsibility for that rests as much with the OP as it does anyone else.


Maybe we should close it down and move on.

I came into this world screaming and covered in someone elses blood. I'll probably leave it in the same way. 

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3rd person to mention that and I have to agree. Closed. 

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