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As the internet is all about opinions, I'll give my non-expert one to Steve's questions :)


When would the best use of Tour be and why?

If you were sat on the motorway for a period you may as well be in Tour. It will give the quietest ride as the exhaust valve will remain closed as long as you don't use high rpm, and there's no good reason to use any other mode.

In the wet Tour will provide the most safety - it will try to intervene at the first hint of rear slip and provide a softer throttle response so you're less likely to get into trouble in the first place.


When would the best use Sport be and why?

Whern driving along a dry A or B road and you want to have some fun. It will allow some slip before intervening and you get a sharper throttle response. The exhaust valve also opens up at medium revs, so the noise improves enormously if you're pressing on.


When would the best use of Race be and why?

I don't have Race mode on my Roadster. I discussed the need for this with the dealer when I was looking at Roadsters and it seemed to me that it's only really applicable to track use as it "learns" the grip levels and your inputs, but to do this it will need smooth consistent tarmac (ie, a track). It struck me that it may even be dangerous on the road given the constantly varying surfaces that you get. A pot hole mid corner could really confuse it! I fully appreciate that I could be completely wrong about this!


Everything off just for Trackdays or racing as I would presume that one of the above settings would be beneficial and safer when driving on the road.

I've tried everything off mode on the road and I didn't die :) On a dry road, the natural limits of the car are so high that you would really have to drive like a hooligan to break traction. I ran it because it also permanently opens the exhaust valve and I was curious what it was like. It sounds good, but if you are just going with the traffic flow at 50 or 60mph it was too noisy for me, so I switched back to Sport.


Is Tour Mode the safest setting and best for driving in the rain?

I think so, yes.


Last question. Which mode chews through brake pads the most, Sport or Race Mode?

From reading other posts on here and elsewhere, it seems that Sport mode causes the most wear on the rear pads.

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I'm at the factory on Weds and hope to tie down a date for all Exige Cup and Race Pack car owners to go there and be taught by them how to get the most out of the DPM inc Race mode.

If you have more lateral g on the car than the tyres can cope with it will slide and you have to correct it to preserve all that lovely liquid gold paintwork. If the lateral load is contained and you'

Race mode is a pure traction control system designed for performance, the other two are safety systems and make individual use of the brakes. Some who use 'sport' a lot on track have reported prematur

Bibs, likely cost? And how much track time for each car? Thanks.

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Thanks for the reply to all my questions Neal, its very much appreciated.

So far, it looks like I have been using the settings for the appropriate situation. I just need to figure out what would be best to use on track to let me stretch my limits a touch, but still give me some protection and not wear through the brake pads at an alarming rate.

Everything off is a little concerning incase I bin it and I don't really want a setting that is making me think that I am better than I am and for the traction controls to be doing all the work at every corner. I would like it to help me by letting me know when I have messed up, but not correct every mistake and let me carry on thinking everything is fine. Lotus cars are brilliant for providing feedback through the seat and controls and I certainly feel that my driving has improved because of this and it's why I bought the car and love driving it. I want the traction controls to be more in the background instead of the foreground. I don't want to drive the car thinking that it's doing all of the corrective work because of my poor driving skills. I would prefer to be driving on the track slightly slower knowing that I am in control, instead of going flat out and that the cars traction modes are doing all the work and your learning nothing.

So far it's Tour for in the wet and general driving and when in town(which is rarely).

Sport mode for spirited B road runs.

Race Mode when on track and you want all the help you can get.

Everything off if your feeling brave.

For me I don't know which setting is best for track work that gives me some protection but does not go through the brake pads at an alarming rate.

I would be interested to hear what settings others use(if different) and why.



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I've tried all the settings on track, including touring.

Personally I prefer race mode, its still allows me control of the car but I don't have to worry about finding traction. You can spin in race mode I have!

Sport mode is better suited if you feel you need a helping hand, although it can lead you into thinking your a better driver than you are.

My wife has driven the car on track and didn't come out of touring mode, from the passenger seat you can feel the cars electronics cutting in and sorting things out, she loved it.

I've only switched everything off a few times but always felt in control, its quite easy to get the back to step out on tight corners


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I found the TC in the S2 annoying on track, it would always be cutting the throttle out of the corners (I like a bit of movement).


I have not yet tried my V6 with everything OFF but have used only Race on the track.  Not sure why you would choose Tour or Sport on a track(?).  Was about to head out with all settings OFF but I ran out of fuel (the V6 is thirsty!!!) and then it started to rain.  Usually not worried in the rain but I'd just had a new tyre fitted (due to puncture on track!) and it was the first time on track in the V6 and late in the evening.  Best to play safe.

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I had the chance to try the car out on a police "skid pan" which was actually a damp / roundabout facility they have. I was deliberately a little hamfisted with the steering to provoke a little bit of oversteer as I wanted to see what happened.

In Touring it cut all chance of oversteer and felt very safe. There was no understeer either.

In Sport it allowed a bit of oversteer but then cut in. Both tests were as low speed and I didn't have time to try it in Race as there were other cars waiting.

However if I were driving on the road when wet / cold / icy, I'd probably just leave it in Touring. For a spirited drive with no other cars around, I can see Sport mode being fun as well. Race? In might leave that for my upcoming track day :)

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Race mode:

When someone sits beside you at the lights revving their car, rev yours back and when the light goes green, let them race off like a raving lunatic.

Anything else? :)

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Completely agree with Neal H


Again as a Roadster owner, with my car dialed as much toward the comfort end of the spectrum as possible, I'm not sure I really needed it.


I generally use Sport mode, boring grinds on motorway or if it's rainy Tour goes on.  The other handy use is coming home late in the evening, when not waking the wife is a bonus.


I have found Tour can be a bit intrusive with the understeer correction on very tight corners, but this has only happened once or twice, and is weird rather than annoying.


The one thing I'm missing is the exhaust override button, which you only get with Race pack :( I'd sometimes like to have the throttle map / no understeer control of Sport, but a little less drone of Tour.

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You're right Simon, the understeer control is a very odd sensation when you feel in intervening. I tend not to bother with Tour, but then car rarely does mundane or rainy drives.

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