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Freescan log - help required

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I noticed the performance of my car tailing off at higher revs, seems reasonable in one gear, then change to the next, floor it, and power drops away.


Unfortunately, I had problems either with the connection, or the laptop, and only managed to get a brief log. Sparky had a quick look and pointed out to me that the ECU goes into closed loop at line 328, very odd, and I also noticed the O2 reading had dropped off to what appears to be very lean at that point.
The car starts, runs, and performs OK, until full power is required, and I don't notice any misfiring at all. It's like it's not getting enough fuel, that's all I can say. I intend to do another log file later, but won't know if I've been successful until tomorrow. any advice would be helpful at this point in time.


Margate Exotics.

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Had another go. Got stuck in traffic, then the notebook disconnected. Finally got a decent open road, started the log. It didn't record, though. What I did get this time was at slow speeds.


A couple of questions, though, as I've never used Freescan before and hence on a bit of a learning curve.There are still jumps in speed, 26 down to 5, for example. Should Freescan be logging at every mile per hour?


And I notice some very low O2 readings, 0.027 being the lowest, is this likely to be correct?


The same performance issue was present again, full power through the gears, slow down for a roundabout, and the next time it's got nowhere near as much grunt. Weird.

Margate Exotics.

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^ What Derek said. Espritmon is particularly good.


You O2 sensor voltage should be oscillating rapidly...



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With regard to Espritmon check the following in the Lotus.cfg file:


The "mode" value should be set to "0" for communicating with the ecu.


The "com" value matches the com port used by the ALDL cable on your PC.

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