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My Arctic Trip in the V6 Exige.

simon mac

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I'm full of admiration for you for embarking on such a trip in an Exige (or any Lotus come to that!), and very impressed that the car was able to to complete the journey without any major problems.


Sorry to hear about Bullphi's troubles - hope you get it all sorted out promptly.

Thanks Neal!


To be honest though I'm not sure it's fully deserved ;) I think I got hung up on how difficult the trip would be and actually was extremely surprised how straightforward it turned out to be.


I'd packed a pair of sleeping bags, some camping gas and stove, emergency water + food, a light weight tarp, and a load of other junk I simply didn't need in the end. The roads were all well maintained (apart from the unpaved stuff, which were still good in terms of potholes, if not traction.) The bigger issue was a feeling of complete isolation, and therefore the most nerve racking.


Plus a big chunk of the trip was done on "major" routes. So on occasion I didn't see another car for an hour or more, you knew at some point someone would be along.


Personally I would say it's no less taxing on the car than say a trip to the south of France, just much less populated.


I'm already in planning mode for next year. A few things I would do differently, make more use of Sweden's inner routes, which are truly stunning.  (I saved most of my dashcam footage, so will put together a video montage as I didn't take enough pictures to give a real flavour).  Probably not go to the Circle again (unless it was a group event), spend some time over towards Bergen, and make more use of ferries to cut out Denmark on at least one leg.


Can 100% recommend to anyone wanting to make such a trip, and any Lotus (providing it's old enough to have been through it's "shakedown" months, and new enough not to be subject to age / poor maintenance related reliability) should be able to do a similar route ;) 

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Genius idea for a trip. Can't think of another car I'd rather do it in.


Lotus should do a post about it on their Facebook page.

Indeed they should. It shows that the Exige is a serious bit of kit and not just fantastic on a country road or race track :thumbsup:

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Mind if I share with the TLF Facebook page?

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Indeed they should. It shows that the Exige is a serious bit of kit and not just fantastic on a country road or race track :thumbsup:


100% agree.


It's comfortable, relatively fuel efficient, fast, can carry enough luggage for a week away for two.  Powered by what's lets face it is a taxi engine designed for far heavier car, albeit relatively lightly boosted, everything else is simple enough to be reliable.  (And ultimately they've had 20 years to resolve the basic platform)


A trip like this is perfectly within reach of the car (or any modern Lotus TBH). If it isn't they should give up tomorrow. You can buy an Atom/Caterham/Zenos if you just want a toy. (And why wouldn't you if you can't use it as a road car?)


The one thing everyone bitches about is unreliability (Lots of trouble.... blah, blah, blah, ) it's bunk-em. Sure Lotus can make faster and faster lap times, but throwing that old myth off IMHO should be the goal right now. (which after 10 years of trouble free Lotus motoring, I completely think is a myth). 


Endurance racing, and long distance trips NOT F1 should be where the focus goes. Everyone already associates the brand with fast track cars, what they need to also think about is reliable road cars!




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The fjords are stunning. Done the southern parts a few times in my old Opel Speedster. If you guys plan to pass Sweden feel free to get in touch with anyone of us in Lotus Car Club of Sweden. We have regional contacts in most parts of the country who can provide you with help and suggestions on routes and where to stay.

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Looks great, we are thinking of doing something like that next year in our Europa S.  We did Northern Italy this year.

Did you have any BIG animals running across the roads?  


We saw one wild reindeer just sauntering it's way along one of the unpaved roads in Sweden. We stopped and he just strolled by :)


There were lots of Elk warning signs but we weren't actually lucky enough to see one :(


I really think you would enjoy a trip to Norway/Sweden, even if just to drive the fjords. Central Sweden is also very pretty, with a mind-blowingly unending forest. It feels very isolated.


If I go again next year, I would probably skip Stockholm, and drive due north up from Malmo toward Ostersund on smaller roads before cutting across towards Kristiansund. UK to Stockholm was basically 2 days of motorway slog :(


Saying that unless there is a group event, I'll probably head east as far as I can next year, Moscow could be a cool trip.

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