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Esprit V8 GT ECU reprogramming

Esprit V8

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What do you want to change?

It can be reprogrammed but it is a hardware job with EEPROMs to be desoldered and new ones soldered on the PCB. It is best to fit sockets for the chips rather than resolder the new ones direct to the PCB.

PUK have some versions available:

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I bought a spare ECU from an Exige S1, which should be the same ECU, like in the V8 Esprit.

Because I had some trouble and no Lotus dealer in germany can help me currently, my idea was the reprogramming the Exige ECU with the standard V8 GT software for my car the change the ECU and find out if the car is running better.



Did you always need ne EEPROMs ?

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I suggest you contact Bluestreak Electronics UK. IIRC they are officially sanctioned by Lotus for aftermarket repair and servicing of ECUs. I think you are correct that the Exige S1 has the same basic ECU have heard this before.

In normal use the ECU would be flashed with the software code via the input ports. But that requires you to have the special software to be able to do it. Without it, the only option is to physically change the 2 EEPROMs.

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Guest modifiedv8engines


Have you tried calling Lotus Aftersales ?

I spoke with them last year and the guy I spoke to said they could reflash the V8 ECU

Tel: 01603 732178

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