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Engine running away (over revving)

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OK, so the latest on starting my dodgily rebuilt engine (i.e. by me).  


I can get it running very lumpily.  I've had trouble getting the static timing right, but it is sort of starting now.  The trouble is that, if I can get the engine to pick-up, it runs away with itself.  I can even cut the ignition, let it slow down a bit, then flick it back on and it carries on revving. 


I've checked the return springs on the throttle -  I've even got the airbox spring fitted.  I can see the throttle levers returning OK. 


Frankily it's like it's over fuelled, although I need a bit choke to get it started in the first place.




Has anyone any ideas?  The best I've can come up right now with is a can of petrol and box of matches.


For back background, the car did run OK-ish before I rebuilt the engine, so the carbs etc are basically OK.  However all parts have been sitting on the bench for two years while I rebuilt everything.



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Aha! I think I realised what a plonker  I am, courtesy of Tim Engels,


I've mis-installed the carbs, so that the linkage arm on the front carb is on the wrong side of the arm on the rear carbs.  Hence the front carb is massively over throttled all the time!


OK, so hopefully if I just take off the front carb and slot the linkage arm in the correct position......

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... et voila!  That makes all the difference.  The engine is starting and idling OK now. I think it needs a little balancing, but so much better than before.  Now to sort those cam cover oil leaks.....

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